Printing Equipment

Pneumatic Type Flat Screen Printing Machine

  • Curve printing attachments

    Flat platen attachnebts with vacuum

    Chromatic automatic Positioning

    Flat platen attachments with slot

    • The squeegee printing system utilizes an imported linear bearing guide for extremely stable printing.
    • Sensor is provided for controlling the printing stroke, which can be really adjusted to suit various screen sizes.
    • New pneumatically operated printing head lifting design provides convenient replacement of squeegee, flood bar and screen, as well easy access for cleaning. The device is interlocked with an emergency stop to ensure the safety of the work piece, screen and operator.
    • The printing table is radially designed to provide powerful suction with easy control.
    • The flood bar can pre-coat ink or coat ink during printing, minimizing screen clogging.
    • The printing table is equipped with 3 sets of micrometric adjustment knobs for precision alignment of printing in lengthwise, lateral, and angular directions.
    • Pneumatically driven, low-noise levels, pollution and trouble free performance.
    • The screen is vertically positioned to prevent ink overflow from the side, and lower ink consumption.
    PPR-400A / 500A Available optional equipment
  • Model PPR- 400 A PPR- 500 A PPR- 650 A
    Printing Platen 315 mm x 500 mm 400 mm x 600 mm 480 mm x 700 mm
    Area Of Flat Printing D250 x W350 mm D300 x W460 mm D400 x W600 mm
    Maximum Frame Size(O.D.) 450 mm x 600 mm 450 mm x 700 mm 550 mm x 850 mm
    Maximum Thickness Of Workpiece 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm
    Diametor Of Curve Printing Ø8-Ø120 mm Ø10-Ø150 mm -
    Compressor Horsepower 1HP 1HP 2HP
    Compressor Pressure 4 - 7 kg / cm2 5 - 7 kg / cm2 5 - 7 kg / cm2
    Voltage 110V(220V) m 50 / 60 HZ 110V(220V) m 50 / 60 HZ 110V(220V) m 50 / 60 HZ
    Printing Speed 600 - 1200 P/H 600 - 1200 P/H 600 - 1200 P/H
    Machine Dimensions L580 x W650 x H1650 mm L650 x W800 x H1650 mm L750 x W950 x H1645 mm
    Machine Weight 130 kg 150 kg 190 kg

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