Printing Equipment

Pneumatic Type Curve Screen Printing Machine

  • Curve printing attachments

    Flat platen attachnebts with vacuum

    Chromatic automatic Positioning

    Flat platen attachments with slot

    • Precise multi-color printing through synchronized transmission of gear and rack with the use of proper work piece holder, original patterns are accurately reproduced.
    • The substrate holder may be adjusted to meet substrate variation, and micrometric adjusted in forward right/left, tilting direction, for accurate squeegee positioning.
    • The screen is vertically positioned to prevent ink overflow from the side, therefore lowering ink consumption.
    • Superior shock absorbing system provides precise and stable operations multi-color printing.
    • Printing stroke can be adjusted laterally to suit various screen sizes.
    • Engineering design delivers convenient loading and unloading of work piece with a significant reduction in effort.
    PPR-400B / 500B Available optional equipment
  • Model PPR- 400 B PPR- 500 B
    Printing Platen 315 mm x 500 mm 400 mm x 570 mm
    Area Of Flat Printing D250 x W350 mm D300 x W460
    Maximum Frame Size(O.D.) 450 mm x 600 mm 450 mm x 700 mm
    Maximum Thickness Of Workpiece 150 mm 150 mm
    Diametor Of Curve Printing Ø8-Ø120 mm Ø10-Ø150 mm
    Compressor Horsepower 1HP 1HP
    Compressor Pressure 4 - 7 kg / cm2 5 - 7 kg / cm2
    Voltage 110V(220V) m 50 / 60 HZ 110V(220V) m 50 / 60 HZ
    Printing Speed 600 - 1200 P/H 600 - 1200 P/H
    Machine Dimensions L580 x W650 x H1650 mm L650 x W800 x H1650 mm
    Machine Weight 130 kg 150 kg

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