Quartz Halogen Lamp

EL-35RL / EL-35RM / EL-35 1/2RM / EL-35RS
Quartz Halogen Lamp
  • l          Round tube arm provides great lighting angles.

    l          Higher vibration-resistance capability than gooseneck arm.

    l          The quartz halogen lamp has great light output, soft illuminating without irritating to the eyes.

    l          Low voltage 12V or 24V operation without danger of electric shock.

    l          The articulated arm provides vibration resistance performance.

    l          Articulated arm.

    l          Use top quality electric components.

    l          It accepts 20, 35, 50 watt bulb.

    l          Included with 20 watt bulb, 35 and 50 watt bulb on request.

    l          Complete with 1.8 meters (70”) cord.

    l          Economical model, yet quality constructed.

    l          Ideally suited to machine tools and machinery without big working area.

    l          Engineering plastic shade and base provides complete insulation.




    EL-35RL (Long Arm)

    EL-35RM (Medium Arm)


    EL-35 1/2RM (Half Medium Arm)

    EL-35RS (Short Arm)


  • Option:


    l          Mounting clamp J-C01

    l          Mounting angle plate J-L01




    l          Transformer


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