Drilling / Tapping Machine

DM-5030 / DM-5035
Vertical Drilling Machine
  • l          New-designed, pleasing appearance, compact construction, wide speed change range, easy to operate.

    l          Easy operation with its unique workable, and both motor-drive (only DM-5035) or manual-operated lifting device.

    l          The working table can be rotated 180°and tited±45°also, it is reliable and easy job can be done.

    l          Equipped with coolant system and tapping mechanism.

    l          Equipped with short cut and overload protection, its electric system with powerful spindle motor, designed according to IEC standard.

    l          Special protection device is safe and reliable.

    l          Ideal choice for single piece, small batch and mass production for drilling, counter boring, reaming, tapping, spot facing, etc.





    Max. drilling capacity

    30 mm

    35 mm

    Max. tapping capacity



    Diameter of column

    120 mm

    140 mm

    Spindle travel

    135 mm

    160 mm

    Distance spindle axis to column generating line

    320 mm

    330 mm

    Max. distance spindle nose to table

    550 mm

    460 mm

    Max. distance spindle nose to base

    1100 mm

    1200 mm

    Spindle taper

    MT3 or MT4


    Spindle speed range

    65~2600 r/min

    75~2500 r/min

    Spindle speeds series



    Spindle feeds

    0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3

    0.1 / 0.2 / 0.3

    Dimension of worktable surface

    500×440 mm

    500×440 mm

    Table travel

    490 mm

    550 mm

    Dimension of base

    400×390 mm

    400×390 mm

    Overall height

    2050 mm

    2300 mm

    Main motor

    1 kw

    1.5 kw

    Coolant motor




    500/440 kg

    670/600 kg

    Packing dimension

    108×62×215 cm

    108×62×215 cm


    Standard accessories:

    Special accessories:

    l           Drill chuck

    l           Arbor

    l           Taper sleeve

    l           Drift

    l           Eyelet bolts

    l           Wrench

    l           Multi spindle

    l           Angle vice

    l           Safety guard

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