Drilling / Tapping Machine

DM-40A / DM-40AP
Gear Head Auto Feed Drilling Machine
  • l          The machine spindle can auto-feeding, micro-feeding and hand-feeding.

    l          Spindle speed change and feeding speed change easiness.

    l          This machine use gear driving system, and it's driving moment is strong enough to drilling, reaming and tapping at all kinds of materials.

    l          The spindle head which can rotated 360°and tilted±45°.

    l          The motor was driving by gear which overcome the short coming of belt driving.

    l          The working scope is large enough for spindle head and worktable (DM-40AHS/DM-40ASP) not only up and down, but also rotation around the column.

  • “H” Without coolant system   “P” With coolant system



    DM-40A / DM-40AP

    Max. drilling capacity

    40 mm

    Max. tapping capacity

    Cast iron: M32  Steel: M24

    Diameter of column

    115 mm

    Spindle travel

    110 mm

    Distance spindle axis to column generating line

    261.5 mm

    Max. distance spindle nose to base

    800 mm

    Spindle taper

    MT4 or R8

    Spindle speed range

    50~1250 r/min

    Spindle speeds series


    Spindle feed

    0.12/0.18/0.25 mm/r

    Dimension of base

    635×460 / 690×520 mm

    Overall height

    1400 / 1450mm

    Main motor

    0.75 kw

    Coolant motor

    ---/ 40w


    300/260kg, 360/320 kg

    Packing dimension

    75×58×150 cm / 75×58×156 cm


    Standard accessories:

    Special accessories:

    l           Drill chuck Ø16mm

    l           Tap chuck

    l           Arbor

    l           Taper sleeve

    l           Drift

    l           Wrench

    l           drawbar

    l           Multi-spindles

    l           Angle vice

    l           Safety guard

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