Vertical Variable Speed Bandsaw
  • Blade welder, shear, grinder, work light, blade guides, chip blower, cleaning brush, infinitely variable speed, rubber bonded saw wheels, thermal overload switches, rip fence, 110 volt control and lighting.

  • Model


    Height under guide

    12" (304mm)

    Throat, band to column

    24" (600mm)

    Blade speed

    82-1496 ft/min (25-456m/min)

    Blade width

    1/8"~1" (3~25mm)

    Blade length

    172-1/4" (4376mm)

    Size table

    29-1/8"×26-3/4" (740×680mm)

    Tilt, main table

    15°F,15°B (5°R, 5°L)



    Machine size

    51-1/8"×30-3/8"×81-1/8" (1300×1770×2060mm)

    Net weight

    1474 lbs (670 kgs)

    Ship weight

    1694 lbs (770 kgs)

    Packing size

    56-3/8"×34-5/8"×87-3/8" (1430×880×2220mm)

  • Optional accessories:

    1.      Circle cutting attachment.

    2.      Miter gauge.

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