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Automatic Cut off Saw
  • l          Automatic feed automatic cutting ( Applicable machine COS-AUTO 24D Type

    l          Clamping system moves on linear guide way and contradled by an independent air cylinder, the clamping pressure clamping speed and clamping height can be adjustabled, The cutting speed cutting pressure and cutting height can be adjustabled.

    l          The cutting length can be adjusted according to magnetic scale with lcd display to achieve supperior cutting performance fast and accurate.

    l          Accurately controlled oil mist system greatly improves lubrication and cooling effect while reducing trouble to minimum.

    l          The cutting feed is driven by an air / hydraulic combination power. ( opt. hydraulic power unit for cutting feed).

    l          Operation by control panel with botton. ( opt. touch sensing screen )

    l          PLC control.

    l          The work piece clamping system consists of two hold - vertical clamps, and horizontal clamping with are actuated by independent air cylinder for clamping work piece securely. Irregularly shaped work piece also can be clamped. Clamping pressure is adjustable to avoid work piece deformation due to over-pressure.


    Applicable machine

    COS-24D Type

    Automatic drive system

    Air cylinder drive with linear guide way

    Max. feed distance

    500mm ( Recrocating cut )

    Automatic feed accuracy


    Saw spindle speed


    Saw Spindle Motor

    7 1/2 HP ( 10HP opt. )

    Hydraulic feed motor


    Sawblade sizes


    Air pressure


    Machine diamesions
    ( LxWxH )

    2400 x 1300 x 1850 mm

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