cut off saw+press

Cut off Saw (NC Fully Automatic)
  • l          Automation feed, positioning. oil splashing and sawing.

    l          Feed stroke 1400mm/3000mm/6000mm. (Reciprocating feed stroke up to any limit for length)

    l          Horizontal cutting and saw move on linear guide way, that assure accurate and large cutting.

    l          Ball screw is driven by servo motor for high accuracy. (Transmission through precision ground rack is available).

    l          Equipped with Mitsubish: NC control. PLC features extremely stable control performance. Employs CE certified control components.

    l          Equipped eith touch sensing screen for maximum operation convenience.

    l          Feed is driven by hydraulic system, providing maximum stability of cutting

    l          Two sets each of hold-down clamps and horizontal clamps provided on the feeding system permits cutting of irregular work piece.

    l          100 sets of size memory capacity. Each set allows for setting 12 sizes.

    l          The computer automatically records required time and quantity for each machining, providing convenient calculation of machining cost.

    l          During operation, the machine provides detection for lock of material. Available to set tail length to be cut. Workpieces can be stacked.

    l          Workpieces can be stacked.

    l          Feed methods : 1. Stepping feed. 2. Reciprocating feed. 3. Manual feed

    l          Variable spindle speed ( RPM ) Accommodates sawblade form 10" to 24"



    Aluminum, Brass, heat sink, PVC, plastic steel, Bakelite, acrylic plastic, Teflon, honeycomb board, wood and other non-ferrous metals.




    Servo drive system

    Ball screw /
    (or Hight precision ground rack)

    Cutting Capacity ( H x W )

    175 x210mm ,130 x350mm,20x400mm(depends on sawblade dia) Cutting Capacity Chart or( 200 x 400mm optional)

    Max. feed distance

    1400mm ( 3000 / 6000mm opt. )
    unlimited reciprocating feed distance

    Automatic feed accuracy


    Saw spindle speed

    1500 - 3500R.P.M .variable
    ( depends on sawblade size to set)

    Saw spindle motor

    10 HP ( 15 HP opt. )

    Frequency inverted
    spindle motor

    15 HP

    Hydranlic feed motor

    2 HP

    Servo motor


    Sawblade size

    choice of 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22"(24" optional)

    Air pressure

    4 - 6kg / cm²

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