TP-3766MDAB / TP-3766MDA / TP-2566MDAB / TP-2566MDA
Auto Metal Sander

    • A two head wide belt metal sander. Available to equip with polishing roller for greatly upgrading sanding efficiency
    • Coolant system provides fast cooling during sanding.
    • Available to equip with a blower for removing the coolant existed on the workpiece surface.
    • The machine frame that contact with coolant are stainless steel plates for rust-free.
    • Equipped with coolant circulation filter.
    • Sanding belt tension is pneumatically operated.
    • Sanding belt oscillation track is controlled by photocell sensor, which is well guarded to avoid pollution by coolant or dust.
    • Automatic adjustment for conveyor belt tracking.
    • In case sanding belt break or runs out of its track range, the machine brakes instantly.
    • Powered working thickness adjustment is controlled by digital position controller, also can be manually operated.
    • Variable feed speed suits to various of metal plates.
  • Model TP-3766MDAB TP-3766MDA TP-2566MDAB TP-2566MDA
    Sanding width 915mm 915mm 615mm 615mm
    Elevation height 170mm 170mm 170mm 170mm
    1st motor 15HP 15HP 10HP 10HP
    2nd head motor 20HP 20HP 10HP 10HP
    Feed drive motor 1HP x 6P 1HP x 6P 1HP x 6P 1HP x 6P
    Elevation drive motor 1/2HP x 6P 1/2HP x 6P 1/2HP x 6P 1/2HP x 6P
    Feed speeds 1m/min-11m/min 1m/min-11m/min 1m/min-11m/min 1m/min-11m/min
    Sanding belt 940 x 1674mm
    940 x 1674mm
    640 x 1674mm
    640 x 1674mm
    Elevation control Manual and digital control Manual and digital control Manual and digital control Manual and digital control
    Polishing roller diameter Ø200   Ø200  
    Polishing roller motor 3HP   3HP  
    Polishing roller oscillation motor 1HP   1HP  
    (L x W x H)

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