Bandsaw- Horizontal

Band Sawmill (Engine)
  • l          Worker starts the machine and manually push the sawing head along the log to cut.

    l          Accuracy can not be confirmed as it depends on the worker’s pushing speed.

    l          270c.c. Gas engine W/ Electric start. (Optional: 390cc , 670cc)

    l          Quickly adjusted the head up and down to change board thickness by a gear box.

    l          Four integral levelers for section quick setup.



    Cant Hoods(Log clamp)




    Loading Rack







    Max. log diameter

    700 mm

    Max. opening between blade guides

    650 mm

    Max. elevation of blade

    680 mm

    Min. blade height from support beam

    25 mm

    Max. log length (standard)

    3.1 M

    Track section

    1.95 M×2 pcs

    Min. log length

    0.6 M

    Band wheel motor

    270c.c. engine (9.3HP)

    Elevation motor (by inverter)


    Feed motor (by inverter)


    Feed speed




    Band wheel diameter

    480 mm

    Band wheel width

    23 mm


    4010×32 (35)mm-7/8” tooth

    Kerf thickness

    3 mm

    Sawblade speed

    21.5 m/s

    Machine dimension

    3990×2000×2100 mm

    Packing dimension

    Bandsaw--1130×2200×2250 mm


    Weight(standard model)

    460 / 560 kgs

    Track section

    1.95M / each (Optional): 130 kgs

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