Bandsaw- Horizontal

Knot Removing Debarking Machine
  • Demonstrates excellent performance due to application of debarking mechanism to knot removal. Simplified design allows operating with less power consumption and maintenance costs.

    Flawless debarking of various woods regardless of time of year is possible due to application of special debarking system and originally designed cutters. Cutters are easy to replace and grind.

    Perfect debarking with smooth knot removing mechanism results in irreproachable surface quality adding value and higher grade to small diameter logs.

  • Model


    Possible diameter

    7-30 cm

    Possible length

    1.8-8 M

    Infeed speed

    Max. 12m/min, modifiable

    Control method

    Remote control

    Log infeed drive

    2.2 KW × 2 unite

    Cutter drive

    18.5 KW

    Chain live deck

    2.2 KW

    Infeed live roller

    1.5 KW

    Outfeed live roller

    1.5 KW

    Hydraulic unit

    3.7 KW

    Total power

    31.8 KW

  • Additional equipment:

    1.      Belt conveyor:1.0KW

    2.      Compressor: 0.75KW (For cleaning)

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