Bandsaw- Horizontal

Horizontal Band Resaw
  • l Air loaded pressure roller:

    Eliminating the conventional spring loaded pressure rollers, this machine employs air loaded pressure rollers. Especially when cutting wood of various thicknesses, the air load saves time on adjusting pressure roller position while increasing operational convenience.

    Pressure rollers are easily adjusted in the horizontal and vertical directions to suit various wood thicknesses.

    l Convenient control:

    The digital readout assures high accuracy cutting and convenient thickness control.

    Variable feed speed is controlled by a frequency inverter and displayed on the control panel.

    All electric controls are centralized on a control panel for operational convenience.

    Movable control box permits convenient operation control at any position.

    l The cast iron saw wheels are dynamically balanced for smooth running. Convex wheel face avoids blade slippage.

    l Blade tension is adjusted by a hydraulic cylinder. The operator can correctly adjust the tension for different kinds of blade.

    l Blade tracking is adjusted by turning a handwheel.

  • model


    Maximum Cutting Capacity (WxH)

    650x200 mm

    Minimum cutting thickness

    2 mm

    Saw Wheel Diameter

    800 mm x 2

    Conveyor size

    620×4250 mm

    Sawblade Length

    5860~5870 mm

    Sawblade Width


    Saw wheel motor

    30HP (Including 30HP inverter)

    Feed inverter motor


    Feed Speed(Variable)


    Blade lift motor


    Machine dimensions

    270×220×203 mm

    Packing dimensions

    284×225×229 mm

    Net weight

    2000 kg

    Gross weight

    2240 kg

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