Boring Machine

SmartLiner Three unit boring machine
  • l           Combines single horizontal and 2 or 3  vertical boring units for efficiency in drilling operations. 

    l           One horizontal boring unit with 21 spindles and height adjustment.

    l           Two kinds of vertical boring heads are available;
    (A) Single head boring unit with 21-spindles & motor;
    (B) Double head boring unit consists of 2 x 9-spindles with split type drill chuck turntable 90 degrees.

    l           Double head unit: the transverse displacement of the motors and the rotation of the split head are pneumatically locked by means of a selector which is situated in front of the boring unit.

    l           The longitudinal displacement of the boring unit is obtained by linear guide way with electronic digital indicator and magnetic strip.

    l           LCD readouts are provided for each vertical boring unit, providing accurate adjustment.

    l           Speed stabilizer available, providing smooth feeding of the workpiece (OPTIONAL).

    l           Air operated stoppers provide convenient repetitive drilling operations.

    l           Quickly release chucks provide convenient fitting and dismantling for boring bits. Standard attached with 1/3pcs.

    (A) Single head boring unit with 21-spindles      

    (B) Double head boring unit consists of 2x 9-spindle split type drill chuck turntable 90 degrees

    Combination example of vertical units

    Optional: Speed stabilizer available


    DB-63S (A Type)

    DB-63S (B Type)

    Distance between centers



    No. of horizontal boring head spindles per head



    Motor of horizontal boring unit

    2.5 HP

    2.5 HP

    Motor of single head vertical boring unit

    2 HP x 2

    (1.5 HP x 2) x 2

    Spindles for single head vertical boring unit

    21 x 2

    (9+9) x 2

    Min. distance between vertical head

    96 mm

    96 mm

    Max. distance between vertical head

    1050 mm

    1050 mm

    Quickly chuck




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