Briquette Press & Wood Crusher

CRU-500A / CRU-1000A
Briquette Press Machine
  • Features:

    l The Briquette Press Machine is suitable for use in converting wood wastes into compressed briquette chips. Which are suitable to be used as a source of fuel and decreasing transportation costs of wood waste.

    l The briquette chips have a diameter range of 65mm and 76mm, and length of 50-60mm; for CRU-500A and CRU-1000A accordingly.

    lThe compressing concept is via the operation of hydraulic cylinders using pressure to compress the wood wastes which “fall” into the feeding chamber to from briquette chips.


    l Reliability and longevity associated with hydraulic machine system.

    l Produce high quality, evenly shaped briquettes in a unique closed end die system.

    l Minimum friction is generated for low wear rates.

    lPLC control hydraulic system which keeps all the hydraulic cylinders in sequence and optimizes the motor power by operating a sequence of valves to reduce the oil flow as the pressure increases on each cycle.

    l Combined with the inherently efficient design described above, results in very low motor power for a given output; saving on energy consumption.

    l Particle size can be anything up to 15mm in diameter and humidity up to 10hm.

  • Model






    Briquette: Dia.

    65 mm

    76 mm


    15 ~70 kg/Hr

    30~80 kg/Hr

    Bin capacity

    0.28 M3

    0.28 M3

    Blower motor




    2170×1270×1170 mm

    2170×1270×1170 mm

    Machine weight



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