Fixed Head CNC Lathe

ML-25HA / ML-30HA / ML-32HA
Fixed Head CNC Lathe
  • Features:

    A.Left-handed cut-off tool holder (I pc, standard)

    B.2-position OD tool holder (tool shank radially mounted) (Standard, 2pcs)

    C.Fixed ID tool ER16 collect holder (standard:3pcs)

    D.20mm bore 1 position ID tool rest (standard:3pcs)

    E.  ER16 drill collect nut (standard:3pcs)

    F.  Product receiving mouth

    G. OD tool center height adjustment screw

    H. Product catcher

         Tool holders

    2-position ID tool rest (option)


    1-position ID tool rest ( standard, 3pcs)


    Fixed ID tool ER16 collet holder ( standard, 3pcs)


    3-position ID tool holder (option)


    2-position OD tool holder ( shank axially mounted) (Standard, 1pc)

    Note: Tool center height not adjustable


    Fixed ID tool ER20 collet holder with nut (option)


    ER16 drill collet nut (standard,3pcs)




    ML-25 HA /30 HA /32 HA

    Axis name

    X, Z

    Bar capacity

    25 / 30 / 32 mm

    Max. turning length

    Bar diameter x 3

    Spindle bore

    27/24/34 mm

    Collet type

    161E / 163E / 164E

    3-jaw chuck size

    5 inch

    X-axis travel (Radius/dia.)

    340 / 680mm

    Z-axis travel (if collet)

    95mm (Between collet and cut-off tool holder)

    Spindle motor (rated/15min.)


    Max. spindle speed

    6,000 RMP

    Axis motor

    0.75 KW

    OD tool shank size

    16 x 16 mm

    Fixed ID tool collet


    Boring bar diameter

    20 mm

    Spindle center height

    935 mm

    Packed machine size

    2,050(W) x 1,620(H) x 1,260(D) mm

    Packed machine weight

    1,380 kg

  •            Standard accessories:

    1. Syntec Mitsubishi control

    2. Standard tools (setup, adjustment)

    3. Coolant pump, including flow sensor

    4. Hydraulic collet chuck (available only with HA model)

    5. Tools, collets for one part requested, but special tools not included.

    6. Tool holders (refer to picture)

    7. Product catcher & Product box

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