Fixed Head CNC Lathe

Fixed Head CNC Lathe
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    1. Fixed ID tool ER16 collet holder

    2.Fixed ID tool ER20 collet holder

    3. Parts catcher

    4. Parts box

    Box door opens automatically when parts catcher moves to receive the completed parts.

    1. Live tool spindle motor

    2. Y-axis motor

    3. Cross live tool attachment (ER16)

    4. Detachable face live tool attachment (ER11)

    5. Cross live tool ER16 collet holder

    It can be interchanged with #8 optional 18mm shank fixed OD tool holder.

    Fixed ID tool ER16 collet holder ( standard, 4pcs)


    ER16 drill collet nut (standard, 7pcs)


    18mm shank fixed OD tool holder (optional)


    Fixed ID tool ER20 collet holder with nut (option)




    Controlled axes

    X, Y, Z, C

    Bar capacity


    Max. turning length

    Bar capacity x 2.5~3

    Max. face drilling dia.

    Fixed drill:∮13mm
    Live drill:∮6mm

    Max. face tapping size

    Fixed tap: M10
    Live tap: M5

    Max. cross drilling dia.

    Live drill:∮6mm

    Max. cross tapping size

    Live tap:M5

    Spindle collet type


    3-jaw chuck size

    6 inch

    Tool turret

    8 position / servo controlled

    X-axis travel


    Z-axis travel


    Y-axis travel


    Rapid traverse

    24m/min (Max.)

    Spindle indexing

    0.001° (C-axis)

    Spindle motor (Cont/15min.)

    3.7 / 5.5KW

    Max. spindle speed


    Controlled axis motor

    Mitsubishi:X, Z axis:1KW
    Y axis:0.75KW

    Tool spindle motor

    (Mitsubishi) 1KW, (Fanuc) 0.75KW

    Hydraulic motor


    Coolant motor


    Lubricant motor


    Face live tool Nos/collet

    face: 3 / ER11(∮7mm)
    Option: 2 / ER20(∮13mm)

    Cross live tool Nos/collet

    cross: 3 / ER16(∮10mm)

    OD tool shank

    16 x 16 mm

    Fixed ID tool collet


    Option: ER20(∮13mm)

    Max. boring bar size


    Spindle bore


    Spindle center height


    Required power source

    3∮ 220V x 10KVA

    Required compressed air

    6 Kg/c㎡ x 50 Nl/min

    Machine size (WxDxH)

    (With tail stock: 2,460x1,660x1,700mm)

    Machine weight

    2,200 Kgs

  •       Standard accessories:

    1. Tool kit (containing tools for set-up, adjustment, and leveling bolts, block, etc)

    2. Automatic lubrication system

    3. Work lamp

    4. 3-tiered pilot lamp

    5. Coolant pump, pressure sensor

    6. Hydraulic collet chuck

    7. Parts catcher

    8. Parts collection box

    9. Bar feeder interface

    10. 1-position 20mm ID tool holder (for turret) 4pcs

    11. Fixed ID tool ER16 collet holder (for turret) 4 pcs

    12. ER16 collet nut (for cross live tools and fixed ID tools) 7 pcs

    13. ER11 collet nut (for face live tools) 3 pcs

    14. Cutting tools, spindle collet and drill chucks for parts to be set up, but special tools not included.

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