BS-3028FA / BS-4033FA / BS-5650FA
Semiautomatic Hydraulic Band Saw
  • Control panel:
    Control panel and touch screen collocated with human machine interface allow easy operation and high efficiency. The information of problems and trouble shooting are showed in screen when machine operates abnormally and historical data also recorded for reference
    High efficiency transmission system:
    A double-connected type belt is adopted to avoid sliding. The power is fully transmitted to saw blade. With easy replacement device of belt, it saves time.
    Hydraulic chip conveyor:
    The reverse pushing design conveys chips efficiently. It can make chips drier when conveying and save more space.
    Hydraulic blade tension
    The blade tension is preset according to practical demand and maintained. The blade is loosened when the machine stops. It allows high cutting efficiency and long blade life.
    Nesting fixture:
    Two sets of vertical pressing device allow high accuracy, efficiency and convenience for bundle cutting.
    Blade shockproof device:
    The Anti-vibrating device is designed to decrease the vibrating and noise of blade when cutting is proceeding.
    Sliding feeding rollers:
    The rollers allow more smooth and less friction of workpiece feeding especially for heavy or rough workpiece.
    Two step full stroke vise:
    The excellent design combines the advantage of rack and full stroke. The much shorter hydraulic cylinder effectively saves the space of machine dimension.
    Electrical circuit board:
    An efficient PLC and high quality components are adopted for electrical control system. The applicable space collocation allows easy and convenient maintenance and save time.
  • Model BS-3028FA BS-4033FA BS-5650FA
    CUTTING CAPACITY ROUND 10~280mm 10~330mm 10~560mm
    SQUARE & RECTANGULAR W10×H10~W300×H280 mm W10×H10~W400×H330 mm W10×H10~W560×H500 mm
    Blade speed MAX. W250×H100mm W370×H170mm W480×H240mm
    MIN. W165×H15mm W165×H50mm W240×H80mm
    SAW BLADE SIZE 3820×34×1.1mm 4242×34×1.1mm 5450×41×1.3mm
    SPEED 20. 35. 50. 65. 80m/min 20. 35. 50. 65. 80m/min 20. 35. 50. 65. 80m/min
    MOTORS OUTPUT SAW BLADE 3.7KW (5HP) 3.7KW (5HP) 5.5KW (7.5HP)
    HYDRAULIC PUMP 0.75KW (1HP) 0.75KW (1HP) 1.5KW (2HP)
    COOLANT PUMP 0.12KW(1/6HP) 0.12KW(1/6HP) 0.2KW(1/4HP)
    COOLANT 75L 60L 110L
    WORKING HEIGHT 700mm 700mm 750mm
    DIMENSIONS W2030×H1080×L1500 mm W2150×H1530×L1100 mm W3000×H1800×L1450 mm
    NET WEIGHT 1200kg 1650kg 2600kg


  • Standard Equipments & Accessories: (For FA Series)
    • PLC control for all electric and hydraulic functions.
    • 5-speed transmission by worm & gear shaft.
    • Idle wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shutoff.
    • Hydraulic blade tension.
    • Two-step full stroke vises.
    • Automatic blade height control and rapid approach.
    • Cutting depth control for non-cut off cutting.
    • Carbide blade guide with roller bearing.
    • Length setting : manual setting with hydraulic lift roller.
    • Automatic chip conveyor.
    • Power driven blade-cleaning wire brush.
    • Flushing hose for machine cleaning.
    • Work lamp.
    • One set of tools in tool box.
    • One set of 2-meter roller stand.
    Optional Equipments: (For FA Series)
    • Variable vise pressure device for pipe cutting.
    • Nesting fixture for bundle cutting.
    • Infinitely variable blade speed controlled by inverter.

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