Thread Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Thru Feed Rolling Machine
  • Features:

    l           Thru feed and in-feed available: equipped with micro limited switch for adjustment of rolling time and rolling length.

    l           Powerful rolling pressure: the slide way feeding (right roller) is driven by hydraulic unit, precision in positioning, powerful without any distortion.

    l           Solid structure: heat treatment of high tension cast iron FC-25 frame is durable.

    l           Steady feed motion: square rail slide cased and accurately ground can avoid the jumping, vibration, and wear away.

    l           Perfect transmission: heat-treat and thread ground worm with phosphoric bronze worm wheel gear completely and smooth.

    l           Specially suitable for: long length screws, ACME screws, ball screws, machine parts, tool and automobile/motorcycle parts.

  • Specifications:




    Diameter range of threads rolled


    Range of pitch rolled


    Max. length of thread rolled

    In feed and thru feed both available

    Speeds of dies

    25~55 rpm

    Max. diameter

    Ø178 mm(50A=198 mm)

    Bore of cylindrical dies

    Ø54 (50A= Ø 70 mm)  keyway 10×5(50A=14×7)

    Width of cylindrical dies

    35, 70, 100, 150 mm

    Max. min. center distance of die spindles

    255~155 mm

    Output (pcs/min)


    Swiveling angle


    Machine motor

    15 HP

    Hydraulic motor

    5 HP

    Max. rolling pressure

    40 Tons


    3250 kgs


    3600 kgs

    Overall dimensions

    1900×2300×2300 mm

    Hipping measurement

    1790×2270×2220 mm

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