Thread Rolling Machine

Cam Rolling Machine
  • Features:

    l           TR-20 and TR-35 adopt mechanical cam feed to complete rolling motion, and to ensure precise feed positioning.

    l           The precise worm shaft and worm gear: keep steady transmission, and the accuracy of thread profile.

    l           Precise transmission grinding type gear shape: noise free, durable, transmission operates precisely, and no extra space when transmission.

    l           Dove tail-type slide: assuring that jumping, vibration, and wear will not happen during rolling process.

    l           TR-3 adopts eccentricity feeding: featuring easy operation and smart design, suitable for small screws and knurling patterns.

    l           Designed for the thread rolling of standard screws, bicycle parts, automobile parts, small house hold electric appliances and various machinery parts.

  • Specifications:




    Diameter range of threads rolled


    Range of pitch rolled


    Max. length of thread rolled

    28 mm

    Speeds of dies

    35 rpm

    Max. diameter

    Ø98 mm

    Bore of cylindrical dies

    Ø50.5 mm  keyway 8×4

    Width of cylindrical dies

    10, 15, 30 mm

    Max. min. center distance of die spindles

    120~95 mm

    Output (pcs/min)


    Machine motor

    1 HP


    270 kgs


    320 kgs

    Overall dimensions

    900×800×900 mm

    Hipping measurement

    820×690×1000 mm

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