Thread Rolling Machine

Three-Die Rolling Machine
  • Features:

    l           Specially designed for tubular processing. Equilateral triangle supports running to assure the roundness.

    l           Equilateral triangle supports rolling for improving roundness, concentricity and vertical degree.

    l           Driving by hydraulic unit: featuring in easy operation and powerful pressure.

    l           The transmission gear with grinding shape: featuring in noise-free, durable and precise transmission.

    l           Particularly applied to the tubular thread processing, such as oil connectors, bicycle, automobile and motor vehicle parts, radiating pipe etc.

  • Specifications:




    Diameter range of threads rolled


    Range of pitch rolled


    Max. length of thread rolled

    In feed and thru feed both available

    Speeds of dies

    220, 360, 560, 750 rpm

    Max. diameter

    Ø118 mm

    Bore of cylindrical dies

    Ø40 mm  keyway 8×4

    Width of cylindrical dies

    25, 50 mm

    Max. min. center distance of die spindles

    190~105 mm

    Output (pcs/min)


    Swiveling angle


    Machine motor

    5 HP

    Hydraulic motor

    3 HP

    Max. rolling pressure

    12 Tons


    1300 kgs


    1450 kgs

    Overall dimensions

    1600×1500×1600 mm

    Hipping measurement

    1450×1400×1700 mm

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