Thread Rolling Machine

Special Purpose Rolling Machine
  • Features:

    l           Special thread rolling machines manufactured as required by customers, majored with thread rolling machines and minored with the supporting tools.

    l           Automatic feeding system and semi-automatic system of thread rolling machines manufactured as required by customers.

    l           Take the inquiry from customers with offering the thread rolling machines, such as the character rolling, the roundness rolling, grooving rolling, a straight knurling, and diamond pattern knurling etc.

    l           35H serration gear rolling machine is setting up with horizontal movable center seat to roll the serration type working pieces. To ensure steady teeth shape, concentricity of work-piece and vertical degree.

  • Specifications:




    Diameter range of threads rolled


    Range of pitch rolled

    0.8~3.0P M:0.3~M:0.75

    Max. length of thread rolled

    Max. 148 mm

    Speeds of dies

    20, 30, 45, 60 rpm

    Max. diameter

    Ø148 mm

    Bore of cylindrical dies

    Ø54 mm  keyway 10×5

    Width of cylindrical dies

    35, 70, 100, 150 mm

    Max. min. center distance of die spindles

    180~145 mm

    Output (pcs/min)


    Machine motor

    7.5 HP

    Hydraulic motor

    5 HP

    Max. rolling pressure

    17 Tons


    1450 kgs


    1600 kgs

    Overall dimensions

    2100×2200×2000 mm

    Hipping measurement

    2000×1530×1750 mm

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