CNC Lathe

Situated in Feng Yuan, the main industrial area for the production of machine tools in Taiwan, TRUPRO-TEC focuses on the field of metalworking machinery for over 20 years. We are committed to design, manufacture and sale high quality machines for our clients. CNC lathe is one series of them.

Our CNC metal lathes are designed for hard materials precise machining. Now our product lines include double spindle dual turret CNC lathe, multi-tasking CNC turning lathe, double spindle CNC lathe machine, CNC swiss lathes, fixed head CNC lathe and more. They have features of high utility, flexibility, and productivity. No matter what kinds of CNC lathes you are looking for, visit our website and you will find the most suited one for your machining demands.

TRUPRO-TEC Industrial Co., Ltd.

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