Router & CNC Router

    • Easy to learn and operate:
    • lOnly simple setting on the screen are required.
    • lInput carving width, then the length will be fixed automatically.
    • lSpindle returns to home position automatically.
    • lNo need to design toolpath.
    • Convenient user interface:
    • lThe supplied i-picture software converts image files and G-code files for carving. (for 152 only)
    • lThe i-picture software is compatible from windows 2000 up to windows 7.
    • lNo additional software needed for sweep scan carving. Image preview function is available.
    • lUSB communication.


  • Model ROU-1318
    Max. workpiece 13”×18”×3”(331×457×76 mm)
    Max. depth per pass 0.24” (6mm)
    Max. depth of cut 1” (25.4mm)
    Bit diameter 1/4” or 6.0mm
    Spindle motor 150W DC Brushless 15000RPM
    Axial lead screw diameter ---
    X.Z lead screw diameter 0.63”(16mm)
    Y axis Rack & Pinion
    No. lead screw X,Z:1/1
    X, Y, Z rail ---
    X, Z rail IGUSWX-01-10
    Position accuracy 0.001/0.001/0.001”(0.025/0.025/0.025mm)
    Transmission step motors Max. Torque 17.3kg-cm
    No. of sensors X,Y,Z:2/2/2
    Control panel 4.25” × 2”(108×50.8mm)
    LCD 3.78”×1.57” (96×40mm)
    Data port USB 2.0×1
    Overall dimensions 25”×22”×21” (630×560×530mm)
    Net weight 62lbs/28kgs

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