Router & CNC Router

CNC Router

    • PC based CNC control.
    • Graphic conversational input function.
    • Powerful vacuum suction table.
    • Variable spindle speed controlled by frequency inverter.
    • Air cylinder counter-balance on z-axis for high machining accuracy.
    • Heavy gauge steel frame of machine is tempered for deformation-free.
    • Linear guide ways on 3 axes.
    • 3 axes traverses are transmitted by high precision ball screws, and driven by servo motors.
    • The spindle accommodates router bit and shaper cutter. (ROU-1509 only)
    • 18000 RPM high spindle speed.
    • Air cooling for spindle.


    Shaper cutter(ROU-1509 only)
    • The spindle not only accommodates various router bits, but also can be fitted with a shaper cutter.
    Vacuum suction table
    • The table is fitted with a compact board drilled with holes for vacuum suction of workpiece.
    • The positions of vacuum suction holes can be drilled according to customers workpiece types.
    Vacuum pressure meter
    • A vacuum pressure meter is provided at the front of the table for checking vacuum pressure.
    • The machine does not operate until the vacuum pressure reaches the setting value.
    Powerful vacuum generator
    • The vacuum generator provides extra powerful vacuum for the table, that holds workpiece securely during machining.
    Automatic lubricator
    • The automatic lubricator delivers lubrication oil to all slideways, resulting in extremely smooth movements on 3 axes.
    • Lubrication frequency and oil flow may be adjusted as desired.
    Air cylinder counter-balance
    • The spindle head is counter-balanced by an air cylinder which upgrades machining stability and accuracy.

    PC based CNC control
    • Ether net file transfer function.
    • Hand wheel simulation for machining function.
    • Graphic conversational input function.
    • Online diagnoses function for PLC.
    • 500 blocks/sec, programs processing speed.
    • Look ahead function for blocks on the path.


  • Model ROU-403J-PB
    Capacity Max. workpiece sizes 1500×950×200 mm
    Travel X-axis travel
    Y-axis travel
    Z-axis travel
    Spindle nose to table
    Spindle center to column face
    1500 mm
    900 mm
    230 mm
    235 mm
    1000 mm
    Table Table area 900×1500 mm
    Feed rate Cutting feed rate
    X-axis rapid traverse
    Y-axis rapid traverse
    Z-axis rapid traverse
    6 M / min
    16 M / min
    16 M / min
    16 M / min
    Spindle Spindle speed
    Spindle diameter
    Spindle taper
    500~20000 rpm
    ER 32
    Motor Spindle motor
    X-axis motor
    Y-axis motor
    Z-axis motor
    Vacuum pump motor
    7.5 HP
    1 kw
    1.5 kw
    0.75 kw
    5 HP
    cutter Router bit sizes
    Collect sizes
    Max. shaper cutter sizes (Dia.×L)
    3~40 mm
    3~16 mm
    Ø125×50 mm
    Others Air pressure required
    Net weight
    Gross weight
    Machine size
    Packing dimensions
    6 kgf / cm2
    2000 kgs
    2200 kgs
    2300×2600×2130 mm
    2520×2280×1800 mm

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